Practitioner Case Study – Mike Abrahams

Mike Abrahams has worked as a freelance photographer for over 30 years having become renowned for his sensitive eye in documenting the lives of ordinary people. In 1981, he was a cofounder of Network Photographers which is an internationally and his work has taken him around various parts of the globe. His photographs have been published in all the major international news media and his ability to work in difficult situations made him a highly sought after photographer. His work on Faith – A Journey with Those Who Believe, published in 2000, was a 5 year project, documenting the extremes/passion of Christian devotion in 14 countries. Awards for this work included the World Press Photo Award in 2000, and the book Faith designed by Browns, was a finalist in the Design Week – Editorial Design: Books.

Colin Jacobson, picture editor of The Independent Magazine, described his body of work from the conflict in Northern Ireland and published in the book Still War, in 1989 as “Documentary photography at its best – …comprehensive,… and concerned”. His coverage of the troubles in Northern Ireland was the subjects of a Television documentary “Moving Stills”. Other important assignments have included coverage the Berlin Wall, the Cult of Assad in Syria, The Jews of Damascus and Bradford’s Muslims.

He has completed both photojournalistic and corporate assignments. Some of his Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects have taken him to parts of Africa and Asia. Whilst these works have been commissioned, he retains a sensitivity whilst documenting various experiences. One of the most poignant for me was a portrait of someone living with HIV in India and fighting the stigma.

Fighting the stigma of HIV in India
Rajakumar, 2013, India, Mike Abrahams

Abrahams is quite an important practitioner for me because of his extremely unique and far-reaching approach. He moves fluidly between corporate and personal assignments whilst retaining the ability to tell ‘the story’ effectively.

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