Fall Gallery Hop… and a Robert Frank Movie

A piece on one of my favourite photographers, will check it out and review very soon!

the literate lens

FallHop_AbbottSelf-Portrait, c. 1930, by Berenice Abbott

Hard as it is to say goodbye to summer (even the sweaty, trash-scented New York kind), there are rewards to be had from fall. It’s the time when summer blockbusters give way to Oscar-contending movies, when publishers release books by heavyweight authors—and, in the same “back to school” mode, when galleries put on serious and noteworthy shows.

On a recent trip to Chelsea, I saw three very diverse, but equally interesting, photography shows. From a charming look at the history of self-portraits to a contrasting duo of street photographers to a deeply affecting meditation on abduction and absence, these exhibits showed how photography can cover a wide array of subjects and an even wider emotional range.

ME: Photographic Self-Portraitsat Ricco Maresca aims to give a historical context for our current culture of selfies, showing that artists and regular folks have always delighted…

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